Hi lovely PLCP Members,

We will be having a Clothing Drive Fundraiser this month.  

From April 6th-30th we will be collecting any and all used clothing items (shirts, pants, socks, shoes, coats, etc.).  The clothing does NOT need to be in terrific shape as Goodwill will buy back any clothing items and will find a use for everything!  There will be a large box and a sign posted in our classroom for donation collection.

Things to remember:


  • Goodwill will pay us a per pound price for the amount collected so the more we take in the more $$$ we raise…woot!
  • Clothing does NOT need to be pristine so bring in anything!
  • Childrens clothing is great, but adult items, coats and shoes will weigh more and therefore bring in more $$!
  • Family and Neighbors are a great source to ask for a donation,  AND, if they don’t need to bring the items in themselves they will probably be more likely to donate 🙂
  • All of our adorable little kiddos are pretty hard to say no to, so bring them along when asking for donations.  Spring Break will be a great time to start collecting!


This will be our last fundraiser for the year so let’s try to make it really count!


Your Happy PLCP Board