St Patrick’s Day Fundraiser – “Dinner with Friends”

St Patrick’s Day Fundraiser – “Dinner with Friends”

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!  Will you be eating Dinner that night?  Support our amazing program by having breakfast dinner with us at Colonial Pantry!  9627 NW 205th St
Edmonds, WA 98020
30% of the night’s proceeds and 100% of the cash tips will be donated back to our preschool!  See you there!

**Fancy Green Fashions are optional **


PLCP Read-a-Thon

Read-a-thon quote

Happy last day of our Read-a-Thon!  Hope everyone has enjoyed reading with there little ones and watching their eyes light up at the magic of books!  Today (February 12th) is the last day to count books read.  After today, total your books and collect your pledges.  Place Pledge Sheet and donations in a labeled envelope, and put it in the tuition box by February 26th.

Remember: All reading counts! This means you can count a book whether you read it to your child, your child reads (or looks at the pictures) solo, or you both listen to it (yes, audio books count – try Tumblebooks at under Kids)!

Thanks to our amazing Fundraising/Marketing Team, Laura and Regina and everyone else who pitched in to make the kick off party and this event such a fun success!!


Priority Enrollment!

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to remind you all that priority enrollment is now open for the 2016-2017 school year. Please have your registration forms and $45 registration fee post marked or turned into my folder no later than Friday 2/19/16 at 11:30 am. Our AM and pre-k next year will fill quickly and registration opens to the public Saturday 2/20/16.
I sent an email with our registration form for you and will have a few in my folder as well starting this Wednesday.
Please let know if you have any questions.

Jamie Schmidt

PLCP Registrar 2015-2016



Hi lovely PLCP Members,

We will be having a Clothing Drive Fundraiser this month.  

From April 6th-30th we will be collecting any and all used clothing items (shirts, pants, socks, shoes, coats, etc.).  The clothing does NOT need to be in terrific shape as Goodwill will buy back any clothing items and will find a use for everything!  There will be a large box and a sign posted in our classroom for donation collection.

Things to remember:


  • Goodwill will pay us a per pound price for the amount collected so the more we take in the more $$$ we raise…woot!
  • Clothing does NOT need to be pristine so bring in anything!
  • Childrens clothing is great, but adult items, coats and shoes will weigh more and therefore bring in more $$!
  • Family and Neighbors are a great source to ask for a donation,  AND, if they don’t need to bring the items in themselves they will probably be more likely to donate 🙂
  • All of our adorable little kiddos are pretty hard to say no to, so bring them along when asking for donations.  Spring Break will be a great time to start collecting!


This will be our last fundraiser for the year so let’s try to make it really count!


Your Happy PLCP Board

PLCP Read-a-Thon

We are so excited to start our Read-a-Thon soon.  The big kick off will be Thursday, January 22nd from 6:30PM-7:00PM.  It will be in our classroom and include snacks, costumes and of course….BOOKS AND READING!  Our fantastic Edmonds children’s librarian will be there to lead a reading circle with books all about Community Helpers. Community Helpers will be our theme for the kick off so feel free to encourage your child (and yourself) to dress up as your favorite fire person, doctor/nurse, police person, construction worker, cable guy/gal, librarian or any other “helper” you can think of!  Snacks will be potluck style but please remember: NO NUTS.

Jamie Schmidt (our new Registrar) will be the Read-a-Thon contact person and will have packets available soon. Packets will include a daily chart to keep track of materials (books, comics, magazines or anything) you read with your kiddos as well as information on how friends and family can sponsor your little reader. It’s a great fundraiser for our school but it’s also a great opportunity to encourage a love for books and reading 🙂

Looking forward to a fun kick off and event!

7 Ways to Enocourage a Love of Reading

With our PLCP Read-a-thon coming up it seems like a perfect time to talk about reading with our kiddos. It doesn’t matter if your little one enjoys picture books, comic books, chapter books or anything in between, watching those little eyes light up when they strike an interest is pretty amazing! But if you have a little one who hasn’t quite found his or her reading nitch, here are some helpful hints to encourage that love of reading by Charlotte Meryman from FamilyFun (reposted in Parents magazine)…

7 Ways to Encourage a Love of Reading

Teaching Children How to Dress Themselves

How do you see the first day of school playing out for your family?  I would say ours will be somewhat organized chaos, full of “but why mommy”, “but I wanted to eat breakfast with daddy”, “but I dont need to go potty” and then the inevitable “I really, really need to poop, right NOW” as we are finally walking out the door.  I do feel incredibly lucky that our little fashionista started dressing herself a little before age 2.  Her outfits may be, how shall I say this, ‘original, creative and fashion forward’, but if she does it herself who really cares, right?  Taking away the getting dressed struggle does seem to help us during the time crunch of school mornings.  Here are some helpful hints about encouraging and teaching kiddos to dress themselves from the website The Inspired Treehouse.  Happy reading…